Order online, ships to home

At Mid State Pet Health, your pet's safety and well being are our top priority!

Please consider the following when choosing where to purchase your pet's medications:

  • Medications sourced from our stock, our above online pharmacy, and Purina Vet Direct are trusted sources and we stand behind them! 
  • Preventative medications such as flea/tick and heartworm medications often have rebates available when purchased from a veterinarian.
  • Most veterinary product manufacturer's will not back their product unless it is purchased from a veterinarian.
  • Beware of alternate sources.  Is the product safe and effective?  Do they stand behind their work?  Is their product legitimate?  Do they employ a veterinarian or does their pharmacist have extra training with dogs and cats? 
  • In accordance with PA State Law, we must have sufficient knowledge of your pet in order to prescribe medications.  In general, this means your pet should have a current wellness exam and all necessary monitoring testing should be up to date.
  • At times, we may recommend that you fill your pet's medication at a local retail pharmacy.  This is generally done when a human medication is prescribed that we cannot get or do not stock.
  • Handwritten prescriptions are available.  For your pet's safety, we will not authorize faxed scripts, emailed scripts, or calls from outside pharmacies.  Methods other than handwritten have a much higher chance of error or duplication.
  • Shopping local and through the links above supports local business.  A portion of the sale goes back into the business to help us grow and serve you better.  It also contributes to the local economy rather than a large out of state corporation!