How far do you travel? 

We'd prefer to stay within 45 minutes of Newburg, PA 17240 using Google Maps travel times.  If you'd like to know if we service your address please ask.

Do I need to be there for my pet's exam?

It is our policy that an adult age 18+ be present for the visit.  This person should be authorized to make decisions regarding your pet.  We will not enter your home if there is not an adult present for the safety of all involved.

How will my pet do for and in-home veterinary exam?

We generally find that pets are far more comfortable at home and compared with a visit to the clinic the visits are fairly stress free.  Rectal temperatures are generally a degree or two lower supporting the observation of less stress.

What if my pet needs surgery, hospitalization, or x-rays? 

At this time we do not offer these services. We have a great working relationship with several local clinics to which we can refer you for these services should they be needed.

Do you see emergencies? 

We are by appointment and tend to schedule by area.  If we have a suitable opening we will do our best to accommodate during regular business hours.  Depending on the severity of the situation referral may be necessary. If the emergency occurs after hours or is immediately life threatening we recommend:    

Mountain View Animal Emergency (301) 733-7339 

18501 Maugans Ave. Suite 105 Hagerstown,  MD 21742  

Rossmoyne Animal Emergency and Trauma Center (717) 796-2334 

4930 Ritter Rd. Suite 101 Mechanicsburg,  PA 17055  

Do you take Payments?

Payment in full is due at the time of service.  We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Do you accept Care Credit?

Not at this time.

Do you offer any discounts?  (multi-pet, senior, military, etc.)

We believe in keeping our prices low for all customers and therefore do not offer discounts.  We occasionally offer promotions for certain products and services so check back frequently.

Will you look at my horse (cow, goat, sheep, snake, etc.)?

Our practice is limited to dogs and cats.

Between visits, how do I get medications for my pet?

Our online pharmacy is available 24/7 under the shopping link at the top of the page.  You can also call with your needs and we may be able to drop them off if we are in your area.

My pet is traveling internationally.  Can you write International Health Certificates?

Yes, we are able to write International Health Certificates.

Can you read and/or implant microchips?

Yes, we have a universal microchip scanner and implant HomeAgain microchips.

Do you sell PA Dog Licenses?

We do not.  Most counties allow you to buy an annual dog license online.  We can read your pet's microchip and supply you with paperwork to apply for a lifetime dog license.  Annual Dog Licenses renew in January and are required at 12 weeks of age and up.

Additional questions?

Please contact us directly at (717) 609-9863, midstateph@gmail.com, or via private message on our Facebook Page.